Ballet du Plancton
Motion design pour le superbe projet de Parafilms et François Guinaudeau.
Spectator are invited to come inside a giant circular screen (7m diameter and 3.5m height). They then dive into a drop of water and discover the infinitely diverse world of Plankton.
The film is a 5mn loop containing 8 different scene. Each one presents us different kind of Plankton. These small organism were filmed by Parafilms who specialize in macro and submarine shooting.
Client : MNHN

Produced by: Parafilms & MNHN
FilmMaking : Évantias Chaudat, Noé Sardet & François Guinaudeau
Adviser : Chrisitan Sardet
VFX / Comp : François Guinaudeau, Antonin Gaud, Guillaume Combeaud
Music / SFX : Céline Garcia